Chrome is my favorite browser, I use it at work, at home, and even on my phone and my tablet. I really like to have the opportunity to synchronize my bookmarks, it is always useful.

My 10 Favorite Chrome Extensions

Chrome is also a nice browser to use because you have a lot of extensions available. I share with you my 10 favorite Chrome extensions, and I hope you will find one or two interesting for yourself !

Awesome Screenshot

The best tool to screenshot the pages of any website

I really like this tool with several options to screenshot a website : capture visible part of page, capture selected area and (my favorite) capture entire page.

My 10 Favorite Chrome Extensions

Link : Awesome Screenshot


5 most important items to do today

You will keep on your homepage your 5 most important task to do everyday, always useful !

My 10 Favorite Chrome Extensions

Link : Dayboard

Evernote web clipper

Official Evernote extension to select the content of a webpage.

I use a lot Evernote, especially to regroup all my recipes. This extension is really useful for me because as soon as I find a recipe I would like to try, I can copy the content of the recipe in my Evernote account and put it in my notebook.

My 10 Favorite Chrome Extensions

Link : Evernote


A new webpage when you open a new tab

With Momentum, you can have in front of you your main task of the day, and also a list of links and a list of tasks. (I prefer TabTab which I talk about below, but maybe Momentum can suits you if you are looking for something simple).

My 10 Favorite Chrome Extensions

Link : Momentum


The officiel extension 

Nothing more than the basic functionnality of the « pin-it button » but always accessible at the top-right of your browser. I pin a lot so I use this extension a lot :)

My 10 Favorite Chrome Extensions

Link : Pinterest

Session Manager

Save your tabs in one clic

I always have a lot of tabs opened at the same time on Chrome. Sometimes, because of a bug, you can lose all your saved tabs and I hate that. Session Manager will save all your current opened tabs and then prevent you to be nervous about that.

My 10 Favorite Chrome Extensions

Link : Session Manager


A notebook, directly in your browser 

With this extension, you can open a little notebook at the right of your webpage. All the notes are synchronised with your Dropbox account, so don’t be afraid to lose them, and they are also linked to the webpage itself.

My 10 Favorite Chrome Extensions

Link  : Sidenotes

Simple Pomodoro

To increase your productivity

If you don’t know the Pomodoro technique, you may read this article : Productivity 101: A Primer to The Pomodoro Technique. If you want to use this technique, this extension will then help you.

My 10 Favorite Chrome Extensions

Link : Simple Pomodoro


My favorite new tab extension

I love this extension, you can synchronise it with your Google account and it gathers together date, hour, google search, tasks and calendar. You can also add a rss feed or the weather. By the way, it is nice to customise the background, and the size and place of each module.

My 10 Favorite Chrome Extensions

Link : TabTab

Web Timer

Keep track of how you spend your time on the web  

Today, I mostly spent my time on my blog, but also on Facebook on second position.

My 10 Favorite Chrome Extensions

Link : Web Timer

My 10 Favorite Chrome Extensions

My 10 favorite Chrome extensions

  1. Awesome screenshot
  2. Dayboard
  3. Evernote
  4. Momentum
  5. Pinterest
  6. Session manager
  7. Sidenotes
  8. Simple Pomodoro
  9. TabTab
  10. Web Timer



My top favorites are Session Manager, Awesome Screenshot and  TabTab. And you, what is your favorite Chrome extension ?


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